Shrink wrapping Service

Shrink wrapping is commonly used as a means of wrapping a wide range of products, including books, games, gift packs, calendars and greetings cards.

Hands On has vast experience with a wide range of products, using a variety of suitable strength and thickness film.

The shrink wrap services we offer is to ensure that you can deliver your products in optimum condition and the most cost effective solution

Returns Management

We’re proud to offer a complete returns management for all our customers.

We can provide a return address on your mailing where we’ll receive and process all your returns. How we process them is completely up to you.

Returned items that can’t be reused can be destroyed or securely recycled.

Any items in a reusable state can be used for future mailings

Hole Punch & drilling service

Drilling and Hole Punching is the process drilling holes through large stacks of paper or punching holes in small stacks of a few sheets.

Some examples of when Drilling and Hole Punching would be used are, file holes for different ring binders, loose leaf collections, rows of holes for wire comb binding and tags.

Many products processed on a paper drilling machine are stationery. Additionally, catalogues, manuals and brochures are drilled on a paper drilling system to be able to file them in a binder. Sometimes drilled holes are used for decorative purposes.